Online Support Group

Supporting Your Loved One with Anxiety

3-Hour Workshop

This class is intended for adult family members of someone (child or adult) who struggles with an anxiety disorder or OCD. Often well-meaning family members have difficulties knowing how to support their loved one in their recovery. In this workshop, you will get specific and compassionate guidance to learn how to help your loved one feel understood and make progress in overcoming their challenges.

Participants can expect to leave with a greater understanding of anxiety and OCD, and enhanced skills for effective and validating communication with their loved one.

Topics Include:

  • Learning to better understand what it’s like to have clinical anxiety or OCD
  • How to support loved one experiencing strong emotions such as shame or anger
  • How to communicate effectively with your loved one
  • Learning to support your loved one’s treatment and recovery
  • How to effectively care for yourself while also supporting a loved one